Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yoga for the artist(Today in class)

While working, artists tend to sit or stand in awkward positions.
The shoulders like to roll inward when we’re drawing, which pulls
on the trapezius and romboids. Over time, this can also shorten
the pectoralis major, decreasing flexibility in the shoulders,
chest, neck, and upper back. This poor posture can also create
other probelms. Ow.
Every day, more and more artists add digital art to their
creative arsenal. Great for their careers but not so great for
their bodies. ALL the extra sitting compounds existing aches
and pains, and will almost certainly create some new ones.
Without taking time to counter stretch all the sitting, slouch-
ing, and slumping, the body becomes tight and imbalanced.

Sandra has agreed to do a workshop for us and start the conversation about how stretching/yoga can benefit your studio practice.

I've added a website called Yoga for Artist to the permanent blog list as well.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Congrats to Molly on getting a piece in the Student show

Molly's sculpture from the 2x4 jumping off point.

Katherine got piece in as well but I couldn't get a good shot, but I will.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Katherine out of the Blue

Sketchbooks looked great on Thursday. Whoa Katherine in on fire. Sketchbook of the week for her even though she showed us that picture of the bull fighter that will most certainly give me nightmares for years to come. Good work Katherine. The one with the flowers is Chiann's. I really love these two pages.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

guuud skulptyer

Silver and Bleach

Just like that ole' Cowboy ConsepYa'll song says "Silver and bleach and some ragged old jeans, A black iron skillet, what does it all mean..." here are some pictures of Bleach painting and silver casting. Also Kathyrn wanted to share this cool photo link

So final project is on, like the break of dawn(i feel you rolling your eyes) Let me know how I can help. There gonna be awesome as are your sketchbooks. BTW Jennifer asked if there is a sketchbook of the semester... of course.. I'm in contact with some folks about being the juror as we speak.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sandra's Sketchbook and Rebecca's Chair

Hey all. Silver casting was really fun today. I learned a lot as I'm sure you did. I'll post those pictures soon. Chelsea and others are going to chase the process down an alley over the next few classes. Your welcome to join them or work on your final project. I'm posting a picture of Sandra's sketchbook(of the week) and a front and side view of a chair Rebecca made for a friend for their birthday. So that's what you do with plastic coat hangers. I love how she shows the scale by photographing it in her kitchen.

Potluck for your belly and your mind

Here are some pictures of our potluck/idea exchange that we occasioned the Thursday before spring break. People brought chips, dips, veggie chili, cassaroles, veggie plates, lots of desserts, skate videos, Die Antwoord, Graffitti art, world cooking shows, Salad fingers, Louis Borguise and lots of other interesting ideas that inform how we are building our lives. Thanks to you all for taking it seriously and providing your fellow artist and APSU community a place to eat and think about culture.